We love sharing advice about the home market, but we also take great pride in being and "Keeping It Local"... so much in fact, that we wanted to share our founding partner's ideas on what it's like for her to be a local!

Jenny Noblit has lived in the Chattanooga area her entire life. Her perfect evening in Hill City involves being able to "porch" with neighbors. A term she and her husband have coined to describe simply being on the porch, with friends; old and new. Jenny delights in the fact that it is always a surprise to see the eclectic group come together for drinks, and debates. It gives her a great sense of pride to have a home where people feel comfortable to stop by while out walking their dogs, and stay for a while. It's really what community is all about.

When Jenny, and her husband David, aren't enjoying the porch they love touring the city for the best happy hour and brunch spots. Recently, they've been enjoying Stir, Primo, and Easy Bistro as well as long time favorite Tremont Tavern. If you're looking for a entree or specialty drink suggestion, Jenny and David won't steer you wrong.

In fact, Jenny and David have lots of suggestions about how to get out and enjoy the city! If you're looking for outdoor adventure, they love Stringer's Ridge. It's a beautiful stretch of paths that look out over the city. Sometimes it feels like a secret, as it's not as commonly used as the Riverwalk. And if you're looking to get out of the city altogether, head just south into Georgia to the Chickamauga Battlefield. It's rich with history, as well as walking, bike, and horse trails.

If Jenny could offer one piece of advice, it's to try out different parts of the city and area, to find the place that feels like home. It all clicked for Jenny when she found her tribe, and David, in North Chattanooga.

Do you need help finding that perfect spot in the Chattanooga area? Looking for your tribe or different ways to live like a local? Live It! Realty can help! Seriously, it's kind of our tagline...