Welcome to the Live It! Realty blog. This is a space we'll use to answer your questions, discuss what's going on in our world, or just to offer general information. Yes, it's new to us although obviously many agents/people have been blogging for a long time.

The topic foremost in thought today is "compromise". It plays a big part in life and it certainly plays a huge role in real estate negotiations. All of our agents are very good at not just trying to win, but in coming up with a win/win for all parties involved.  Today the situation was a roof repair requested on a home under contract.  Both buyer and seller really wanted the house to close, and in the end decided to split the cost of the replacement roof in order to make the deal work.  Both are happy and the home will close to everyone's satisfaction.  Too often we see parties dig in on a particular issue without compromise.  No one is a winner when a contract falls theough and the buyer is left without a new home and the seller is stuck with an unwanted asset.

So remember breathe, relax, and consider the long term goal and a happy ending for all.