The days of the traditional house warming may be gone…

These days it seems people are buying homes after years of living in an apartment, or they’re blending households and don’t really have the need for all the housewares' gifts typical of a housewarming. So, what do you do when all your friends and family STILL want to celebrate with you and have a chance to take the grand tour?

What? You already have three spatulas and a salad chopper? Well, what other ideas are there to have a party but not make people feel pressured to buy you a set of dish towels?

One of the easiest ways is to invite everyone over to watch some television. Sounds a bit casual, yes, but a popular tv show, sporting event, or new movie release are all common things that bring groups together. It gives your guests something to pay attention to without putting all the pressure on you to entertain. Plus, finger foods!

Maybe our favorite idea, stock the bar! What a great idea, right?! Ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine, liquor, or some type of mixer. You may even get beautiful wine stoppers, or a vintage set of bar glasses. Putting the theme on one specific area in your home makes shopping easy. Plus, free booze!

If the weather is nice, take it outside. Perhaps you’ve got a green thumb, but a thin wallet… you did just buy a house, why not throw a lawn soiree?  Ask everyone attending to bring something yard related. Anything from seed packs to pruning shears, beautiful pottery to weed killer. Nothing is off limits if you can use it in the yard. Again, area specific makes it easier to shop, but also fun. Plus, gorgeous plants!

Perhaps you’re looking to throw a dinner party, ask everyone to bring their “signature dish” and also the written out recipe to add to your recipe box! This is a fun idea for us because it brings people to the heart of their own homes, and gives to yours.  Plus, home cooked meals!

We’ve also seen people ask their guests to bring a favorite item that they couldn't imagine their home without... if could be a book, movie, or board game. The more practical have asked for cleaning products, spices, or things to stock the pantry. You know, the essentials.

What we take away from all of this is invite your friends to share in the love of your new home, and encourage them to bring gifts that already fill you with joy or encourage your passions. Not only will you think of them each time you see that beautiful flower garden, or make a casserole shared from their great grandmother but you’ve filled your home with useful, fun and loving items.