So you’ve decided to buy a house. If you currently own a house—if you aren’t leaving the ranks of renters—this means you want to bring your current home into salable condition.

Just because the market is tight, that doesn’t mean you can let things slide. Buyers will notice if you do! Start with the easy things, especially if money is tight. A fresh coat of paint—in a neutral color—will do wonders. Also, pick up and pack as many of the “extra” things as you can. Freshen up for summer/fall, and put away décor that is designed for other times of year. This helps would-be purchasers to see their own things in your rooms.

Other things to look for: Outdated door pulls for drawers are an easy fix. If you need it, a quick coat of paint on cabinet doors can also brighten up a space. No need to change color, unless you have it painted a specific-to-your-tastes color, but the paint job will brighten the whole space.

Pay attention to the outdoors as well. Some of these may be bigger projects, especially if you haven’t kept things up, but they’re well worth the effort. The trick is to find things that are actually easy to fix, but look difficult. Don’t underestimate the power of “easy.” People planning to move in aren’t necessarily looking for projects to start on their first weekend. Your goal is to eliminate those.

And good luck finding your new house!