Tired of living in a too-small, overcrowded space? That always seems to happen during the winter months: too many people, not enough room to expand. 

Upsize for More Room

Maybe this is the year you put in gym equipment. Perhaps you set up a quilting stand or a loom over the holidays, and now you’re tripping over it. Or maybe it’s just that the family is growing, and you simply need more space.

Whatever the reason is, you definitely are interested in upsizing—and that’s where Live It! Realty comes in. We can help assess your needs, your wants, and your budget, and find the best deal for you. Whether it’s a four-bedroom new build on the north shore (http://bit.ly/1R6ro9v), or a Highland Park renovation (http://bit.ly/1RJVyBB), let us find the right house for you!

Upsize for More Fun & Convenience

Maybe you’re looking to move into a home that is a better fit for your family’s activities. Just because you’ve always lived in one section of town, doesn’t mean you’ll always live there (although you’ll miss your friends!). Perhaps you’re looking for better schools as your family’s needs change. Or if your kids’ dance lessons are serious—and you’re driving across town three times a week—or your own job has changed, that might have you thinking about a different area.

Whatever your needs, Live It! Realty can help. Our agents specialize in the various parts of town, so they’re familiar with what’s available, and where.